Offering amazing MMA sporting events aiming to revolutionize the viewing pleasure of mixed martial arts

PRIMAL FC is a fast growing MMA organization which aims to revolutionize the viewing pleasure of mixed martial arts in Asia, and will soon be one of the world’s leading MMA promotions. PRIMAL FC offers some amazing MMA sporting events and shows that will be remembered forever.

We are connected with a huge number of fans on our website, and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have continued to reach more and more fans on a weekly basis.

PRIMAL FC consists of a versatile team of industry professionals in multimedia production, live event organization, fighter up growths, venue acquisition, sponsorship dealings, marketing and advertising etc. PRIMAL FC is based in Thailand, but reaches out to the world. PRIMAL FC is a brand that connects with the public through attractive content on the television, Internet and mobile platforms.

A large cultural treasure of the Asian region over the past 3000 years is martial arts, which is part of the society’s fabric across the continent. It is no secret that Asia is the center of martial arts in the world.

Showcasing real life primal warriors and gladiators of the modern day era from around the world

Our mission is to showcase the raw, real life primal warriors and gladiators of the modern day era from around the world, facing off in PRIMAL FC cage and battling their opponents at a hand to hand combat with different styles and disciplines, all tested, perfected and combined to form the full contact sport of mixed martial arts under a global martial arts rule set.

  • PRIMAL FC wants to bring MMA back to its primal roots where fans can witness the contestant’s strengths, disciplines, courage, and respect in the cage.
  • PRIMAL FC events are be held in exotic and scenic locations in Asia as well as the rest of the world.
  • PRIMAL FC, although still in its infancy, is one of the most respected MMA organizations in the fastest growing sport in the world, combining unique Asian values with a western spin and world-class production to promote the cream of upcoming talent alongside international stars showcasing stunning entertainment across the continents.
  • PRIMAL FC strives to produce the next generation of MMA stars by giving top prospects and seasoned, high-profile, veterans opportunity to fight on an international stage.
  • PRIMAL FC leverages our unique experience and position to strengthen our mixed martial artists and fans of the sport around the world who share the same passion of MMA with us. PRIMAL FC takes pride in developing the PRIMAL FC worldwide fan base and PRIMAL FC corporate partnerships while promoting the careers of our exceptional athletes.

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