An interview with the Primal FC founders

By Jay Mendez

Back in late March of 2017, Primal FC saw its inaugural event revolutionize the MMA world by having Primal FC ‘Dark Moon Rising’ in an open area at Paradise Beach Club in Phuket with MMA on the beach, fire shows and followed by a full moon party.

A few months on we catch up with the co-owners Joe Iozzi and Steve Wilson for a quick interview to see where they are at now, and what’s to come of the next Primal FC. I was eager to jump straight into the deep questions with them.

Q. “So what kind of feedback did you have from your last event?”

A. Steve – “The feedback has been great. We are quite surprised at how much momentum has built up about Primal FC from the last event we had. The enquiries have been phenomenal, to say the least.”

Q. “Do you have a date for when the next Primal will be set?”

A. Joe – “You know, people ask us every single day when the next event is going to be, and I’m going to say this. The next event will be coming soon. I know it has been taking time to release that information, but it’s for a good reason. We have had many offers to take Primal FC to many places. Initially, there was an offer in Thailand, but now it’s really spread internationally, mainly in Asia though. We really are accessing each and every option thoroughly to give the fans the best show possible as well as taking the right steps for the growth of Primal FC. We are working very hard behind the scenes to make the next Primal a very, very special experience, far better than the last event. Believe me, just go wait to see what we have in store for PFC2. It will impress you. Trust me; the MMA scene is about to get stirred up back to its roots cause Primal FC is knocking at their door”.

Q. “So where will the next event be held? Can you tell us that?”

A. Steve – “No, we can’t just yet.”

Q. “Can you disclose if it will be in Thailand.”

A. Steve – “Like we said, we have had offers to go international in many different places, so you will have to wait and see. It might be Thailand, and it might not be. Wait and see.”

Q. “So is Mike Swick going to be the promoter for the next show again?”

A. Joe – “Well, unfortunately, [Mike] Swick isn’t involved in part 2. Running Primal FC takes a lot of man hours to make it happen. Swick and I (Joe) sat down just a few weeks after the event when he got back from overseas cornering a couple of his fighters, and basically broke the news to me. Swick has other business commitments to take care of such as his world class gym at AKA Thailand. That’s his baby, and that’s where his focus is. After a long discussion, we have had to part ways. We totally understand that, and it’s nothing we can’t handle continuing with Primal FC”.

Q. “So are Primal FC and Swick still on talking terms.”

A. Joe – “Oh yeah, absolutely. There was no falling out between us at all. Swick’s dream of building AKA Thailand is his priority, and that’s what his true focus is on. We understand that, and we respect that. Steve and I are focused on the creation and domination of Primal FC so we get it totally about chasing your dreams. We wish Mike all the best of course, and look forward to having AKA fighters on the future cards again”.

Q. “How do you think this will affect Primal?”

A. Steve – “The short answer to that is we don’t. The long answer is that both of us created primal FC. We put this whole event together with a lot of hard work. Primal FC was created months before we wanted to include someone to the status of Mike to be our promoter. Mike certainly did his part of promoting, and no doubt helped tap into his fan base, but so much more since the event at Paradise Beach has come from outside Swick’s fan base circle. The offers have extended to regions that have been unexpected. You see, we also had contestants from the other 2 world renowned gyms here locally, Phuket Top Team and Tiger Muay Thai as well as other regions that were sourced by us personally. This had nothing to do with Swick as he bought in a different side of the contestants from AKA spectrum. It’s the contestants picked from PFC1 that have really spread the word globally for us. They have tapped into their own fan base, and then with the power of social media, they have obviously shared it to gain Primal’s traction and momentum. It was important for us to look after the fighters more than these other organizations. Give them a great experience as they are the stars of the show. The rest has taken care of itself since then.”

Q. “Can you tell us what’s next to expect for the next Primal FC?’

A. Joe – “Expect to have your fucking minds blown away. Like I mentioned before, we have something really special lined up and we are excited to broadcast it once we get the final steps in place. We are taking it all to a new level so for all those people asking us when the next Primal FC is, just be patient because it will all be worth it. Trust me; we are coming to make a name for ourselves. You will see. The event will speak for itself.”

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