Primal FC podcast coming soon!

By Frank Cunningham

A natural progression from the written articles and the live events and one trend in vogue is podcasting. One of the next steps on Primal FC’s quest is the Primal Podcast. We asked the co-founders of Primal what they will be bringing to the podcast ‘table’.

Q. Primal FC’s podcast is coming soon, why a podcast?

A. Steve – “Podcasts are a relatively new concept and one that’s so popular right now. The beauty of podcasts is you engage the audience. Podcasts can be picked up and put down, relistened to and shared. It’s different from video where the visuals can occasionally mislead or make your mind wander, reading articles is cool but can take time, and the reader uses imagination to create, potentially an untrue reality, but with podcasting, its pure audio. Nothing more than direct to your ears, you hear real intent in voices that can’t be misinterpreted.”

Q. What can we expect from Primal Podcast?

A. Steve – “A bit of everything if I’m honest. It’s challenging to be different on podcasts without the overly produced shows; we want to keep it simple. We both feel we are interested in a lot of cool things, MMA, current events, technology, etc. I like to think we are both interesting people and hope it comes across well on the show.

We have many fighters around us to be guests and so many other intriguing people that we meet along the way. It’s going to be about everything, and nothing rolled into one.”

Q. We have seen you have both been on a couple of podcasts recently; did you copy the idea (LOL)?

A. Steve – “Ha-ha, no, it’s like asking someone that wants to write a book if they are copying Stephen King. I don’t feel a need to mimic anyone. Joe and I had the idea over a year ago, and things went on hold while we focused on Primal, now the time is right for a bit of fun by getting into podcasting. Some podcasts are complete snooze fests, and I certainly don’t want to follow those. This is a hit and hope for us. I want it to be entertaining for myself first and foremost. If I’m not enjoying the process, then the listeners wouldn’t either, hence, my pure audio quote I mentioned earlier. You can hear the enthusiasm in voices or the boredom. I don’t want to copy that”

Q. When and where can we hear your Primal Podcast?

A. Steve – “We have been messing around a bit, recording stuff and having a laugh. We have an interesting line up of guests. I want to get people I know on first, while I get used to speaking on a public platform, lose the potential nerves and just get comfortable. I reckon a couple of weeks, and we will have something ready to go”.

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