Scouting For Primal FC

By Luca Spadecci

Since the conception of Primal FC in late 2016, the faction at Primal has been seeking to acquire a catalogue of top class talent. After the successful launch of the most radical MMA promotion around, the seeking continues.

Primal FC headquarters is based in a much-envied part of the world, Phuket, Thailand. This region of Asia is quickly becoming the Mecca of MMA. Thailand has an abundance of world class gyms; Phuket, especially. With Primal FC positioned within touching distance of the world renowned, Tiger Muay Thai & MMA, Phuket Top Team and AKA Thailand, the scouting mission is a little less arduous than it may be for some other organizations.

Primal FC has good working relationships with the provincially positioned gyms, trainers, and fighters. Although the scouting for fighters may appear to be handed on a plate, Primal FC has still ventured further afield to tap up the athletes. Recent trips to Bangkok, Myanmar, Bali, and Singapore have proven to be very fruitful and more scouting missions are on the cards.

Seeing fighters ‘live’, whilst training and sparring is so much more effective than watching a dodgy, shaky handed, iPhone recorded video. Edited recordings can be very misleading at times too and almost a certainty, promotions have fallen foul having fighters perform on their card only to be let down miserably. Live scouting and a few days of it is part of Primal FC’s ethos. Granted, Primal simply cannot scout every ‘new’ fighter as the logistics doesn’t allow just yet. When situations arise with fighters, Primal FC does their due diligence by speaking to managers, trainers and/or training partners. All information is good information when it comes to scouting, even when the information can be negative. Primal has occasionally had a ‘word in the ear’ about particular guys being lazy. This negative information is golden.

The search continues for all other promotions across the globe as Primal FC saw some of their fighters go on to other shows. Most notably was Sarah ‘The Monster’ Dalelio, Adam ‘Captain Chaos’ Antolin and Rafael ‘Ataman’ Fiziev.

Sarah went back to Invicta FC, where she really earned her stripes, after ‘Dark Moon Rising’ and this women’s journey career continues. Adam has been snapped up by Dana White’s ‘The Contender’ series 8 and looks set to brawl in late August. One of the most notable career moves was that of Rafael Fiziev. The Kyrgyzstan machine was entered into a $1 million tournament for Korea’s and one of Asia’s biggest promotions, ROAD FC. A broken hand saw Rafael’s progression in the tournament come to a premature end, although he won his fight.

Primal FC’s stable of talent expands with each passing week; this doesn’t quell the hunger for more though, on the contrary, it fuels the desire to improve.

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